Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday update - changes

This blog will change focus as I'll explain in the next few weeks.

People tell me they're interested in some topics more than others, so I'm reorganizing material to be more useful and accessible.

There have been 868 posts published on this blog since June 2014. I mentioned before there are 135 additional posts that I haven't published for various reasons. If I do publish them, they'll be on the other blogs as described below.

Everything related to Book of Mormon Central and the rest of the M2C citation cartel, including new posts, will be on the following blog:

I also added the following page to that blog to answer M2C questions/arguments.

If any of you have questions you'd like me to answer, just email them to me ( and I'll post answers on this answer page.

BTW, there are many original posts on that blog that we've retained. Most of them discuss a particular Kno-Why, such as this recent one:

Going forward, everything related to Church History will be on the following blogs:

The following blog will focus mainly on psychology and related issues.


These posts feed into other sites, including Amazon,, etc., but that can change at any time. When I update a post, the changes appear only on the original blogger sites. To get these updates, subscribe by email to the blog(s) you're interested in.

As always, I welcome feedback, especially corrections if I've misstated any facts or misunderstood anyone's arguments or positions. We promptly revise whenever we're made aware of errors. We want to be clear, objective and fair in all things all the time. We want everyone to make informed decisions about these topics.

As a quick guide to the transition, here are links to the top 3 posts from this blog in the last month, as well as the top 10 all time, as they appear now.

In most cases, I've learned a lot more since I originally posted them, but I haven't yet taken the time to revise/edit them.

Have you read all of them?

Top 3 last month:




Top 10 all time:











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